Using TRUNCATE_ONLY in SQL Server 2008

After upgrading to SQL Server 2008 from 2005, I got an error with one of my scripts. I am using Sql 2008 SqlExpress 10GB.

This is my T-SQL


And I get this error:
Msg 155, Level 15, State 1, Line 1
‘TRUNCATE_ONLY’ is not a recognized BACKUP option.

So I asked myself if there is an option similar to what ‘TRUNCATE_ONLY’ was doing in 2005?
I posted a query at Ask Sql Server Central

I got very nice responses, including a link to this article by Brent Ozar

Check out the responses above, hope it helps you if you are upgrading to Sql Server 2008.
You can also read further on this article on how to configure Sql Server 2008

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