Attending Tech.Ed North America 2011? we got wp7 app for it!


If you’re planning on attending Tech.Ed North America 2011 conference in Atlanta and if you own a Windows Phone 7, please check out our new TechEd 2011app for Windows Phone 7 that is now available in the marketplace. You can get it either by searching it in the market place or downloading it directly using link below

Many thanks for checking this app out and giving us feedback, we appreciate all your comments which we’ve incorporated in the updates to the app. Latest version published is 1.7 fixes issue on ‘now showing’ and ‘coming up’ lists
Please note the app does NOT sync the sessions on the app with your sessions on the official website.

tech.ed2011 Helper marketplace

TechEd 2011 app
TechEd 2011 is a handy app for attendees of Microsoft Tech.Ed North America 2011 conference in Atlanta.

Attendees will find this app useful as follows:
  • Browse all Sessions available
  • Browse all Speakers and Tracks available
  • Browse filtered sessions by Session Type such as Breakout, Hands-on-labs
  • Browse filtered sessions by Levels such as Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
  • Browse filtered sessions by Speakers and Tracks such as Architecture, Windows Phone, etc
  • Manage favorite sessions lists on the app
  • View details of each session including schedules, speakers, tracks, level, tags
  • View session Rooms to session summary details
  • Link from session Room opens the Conference layout
  • Browsing session now defaults to ‘timeslots’ view to filter ‘now showing’, ‘coming up’, May 15, May 16, May 17, May 18, May 19 and No Date
  • Favorite sessions now appear with a ‘favorite’ icon for easier identification on the browsing lists
  • Manage their Schedules by directly linking a selected session to the website
  • view Bing Map of the conference
  • View Conference Layout
  • View Conference Rooms and details
  • View Conference Agenda
  • Browse Tech.Ed News
The app uses:
* phone’s internet connection
* phone’s web browser
* location services
to access the Tech.Ed 2011 Conference Session OData feeds and website resources.

TechEd 2011 app uses the official Tech.Ed 2011 Conference Session OData feeds to retrieve all the content displayed.
It also links to the official Tech.Ed 2011 website resources to serve hyperlinks.
wp7agile is not responsible for any content displayed.

TechEd 2011 uses:
* phone’s internet connection
* phone’s web browser
* location services
to access the Tech.Ed 2011 Conference Session OData feeds and website resources.
The performance and responsiveness of this app may be affected by slow internet connections.
By purchasing the app, you have agreed with terms and conditions.

16 thoughts on “Attending Tech.Ed North America 2011? we got wp7 app for it!

  1. The TechEd team is very excited to see your creation! Please let us know if you need anything from us to tidy up the branding. We noticed some of the 2010 Icons in the screenshots, and would hate for that to take away from your amazing work!

    • I was not very sure of which iconography to use. Actually I tried to do screen grabs from the official website.
      Is it possible that I can get the 2011 icons? Please let me know and please check the latest screen shots I have added to the blog!

    • Sorry for the error. The app was submitted on 9th Apr 2011 to marketplace and it is currently in the ‘Testing in progress’ stage.
      Hopefully it will be approved and published in next few days.

  2. Please create something for another platform, i.e., Android and iOS. At a conference this size, you may have maybe 10% (if lucky) of people using a Windows Phone. Not sure if you are aware but a similar app was created for MMS 2011, and it didn’t work for Microsoft employees due to corporate login policy. So, that 10% may drop dramatically if that issue hasn’t been resolved. So, yeah — let’s be realistic about this. Great marketing stuff for WP7, but let’s make sure that attendee value is the deal of the day.

  3. Hello,

    I check out the application a little bit. That is great app. Thank you. However, it seems like it is not connected to the my teched account. so if people already select the sessions on the web site already, how can the application connects those selection of my account. I guess that may be too much to ask.

    Thanks for doing the app.

    A teched attendee.

    • Yeah, the OData API doesn’t allow us to retrieve your linked sessions.
      I would suggest you add those sessions to your favorite list on the app.
      The app allows you to link directly to the website for a selected session, from which you can add it to your schedule or view schedules if already added.
      Hope that helps.

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  6. Hi, I’m from The Netherlands and I cannot download or buy the app, because my country is not yet supported by MSFT. Any ideas how I can install the app?

    Installating via Zune gives ‘Location not supported’

    • Thank you for checking out our app. Have you contacted zune marketplace support? I am afraid I will not help you with marketplace related issue, I will suggest you try contacting MSFT support. Thanks Leon.

      • Just that you know, I have logged an issue with marketplace support regarding your query. I will update with their response. Many thanks

    • I got response from MSFT support. Basically you need to check if your mates in NL are getting similar problem, it could be something specific with your device. Otherwise you need to contact MSFT support directly. Cheers

      • As I understand from MS this is not the OFFICIAL app for TechEd 2011.

        As a Dutch WP7 user we in the Netherlands cannot pay for apps in the Market place as it does not accept our Credit Cards.

        There will be a free app available soon from the TechEd organization.

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