Have you heard of NerdDinner? now we’ve got wp7 app for it!

This is a handy wp7 NerdDinner app to allow you browse the NerdDinner Odata to view:

  1. popular dinners
  2. upcoming dinners
  3. dinners near me
  4. my dinners
  5. search for dinners

You can also view full details for a dinner, including its host, rsvps, phone and location on the bing maps. And its free!

Note: This is not an official app for NerdDinner.com

Jambo Sana app

Quote from NerdDinner.com

Are you a huge nerd? Perhaps a geek? No? Maybe a dork, dweeb or wonk. Quite possibly you’re just a normal person. Either way, you’re a social being. You need to get out for a bite to eat occasionally, preferably with folks that are like you.

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