Teched North America 2012 Windows Phone app

If you liked our TechEd 2011 app last year, we now got another one TechEdNA 2012. Get it from market place or use this link

Attendees will find this app useful as follows:

  • Browse all Sessions available
  • Browse all Speakers and Tracks available
  • Browse filtered sessions by Session Type such as Breakout, Hands-on-labs
  • Browse filtered sessions by Levels such as Intermediate, Advanced, etc
  • Browse filtered sessions by Speakers and Tracks such as Architecture, etc
  • Manage favorite sessions lists on the app
  • View details of each session including schedules, speakers, tracks, level, tags
  • Browsing session now defaults to ‘timeslots’ view to filter ‘now showing’, ‘coming up’, and the day to day sessions
  • Favorite sessions now appear with a ‘favorite’ icon for easier identification on the browsing lists
  • view Bing Map of the conference
  • View Conference Agenda
  • Browse TechEd News
The app uses:
* phone’s internet connection
* phone’s web browser
* location services
to access the Tech.Ed 2012 Conference Session OData feeds and website resources.

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