What is new in Sitecore XP 10.0

Sitecore Experience Platform 10.0 is available now, a testament to Sitecore’s vision not only the global leader in digital experience management software, but to embrace latest cloud technologies and respond to end users and developer community.

In this version, Sitecore now officially has support for Docker, Kubernetes and other image repositories. This is a feature that will bring smiles to Sitecore community given the already buzz around containerisation and breadth of knowledge in the Sitecore community. This for sure will help delivery teams move to now famous continuous delivery model, making infrastructure-as-code deployments for Sitecore “bread and butter stuff”.

In my previous posts, I have extensively looked in Sitecore Host. In this version, Sitecore has delivered the addition of the ASP.NET Core SDK and headless rendering host architecture also provides developers with a new way of building their solutions allowing for faster development iterations. With .NET 5 release on the horizon, you get a feeling Sitecore still watching this space before committing to a long term strategy with Sitecore Host.

Other key highlights

This version focuses on product updates and enhancements that provide more development and deployment options, increase usability and improve overall performance – all centered around enabling both Marketing and IT teams equally, thus making it easier and faster to launch and evolve digital customer experiences.

  • Sitecore CLI and Sitecore for Visual Studio bring headless serialization working both with TDS and Unicorn
  • Audience analytics filters allow for deeper insights on audience engagement and segmentation to drive powerful personalization across all your channels.
  • Additional HTML Email Templates for EXM provide more options when crafting emails.
  • Horizon editing interface updates give marketers in-context insight across multilingual and multisite experiences.
  • Stronger CMP integration supports additional field types and allows for persistent taxonomy associations.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) connector updates
  • New marketing automation capabilities
  • Support for GDPR compliance journeys

I am looking forward to installing this latest version and sharing in detail the experience on this blog.

Until next time.

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