Sitecore Symposium 2020 (Oct. 26-28, 2020) is here, jump in with me

Yes, I will be presenting for the first time!

The wait is over. Sitecore Symposium 2020 is here. This year we will have the first all-digital Sitecore Symposium. Are you excited?

Well, I am very excited indeed for two main reasons. Firstly, I am lucky that I will be presenting for the first time in a Sitecore Symposium. More about my session in a second. Secondly, I am very excited at the content and sessions that the Symposium team have put together this year.

Join me for my on-demand session on Transitioning on-prem Active Directory workloads onto Azure

You will need to Register to watch my session

How I prepared for my session

As I promised earlier, I will walk you through how I prepared for my session.

I had two review sessions with Sitecore technical teams to help review my session content and tailor it for my audience. I found these sessions useful and it helped me reduce the number of my slides in my presentation as well as amplify the right message.

All on-demand sessions should be 20 minutes long. To this end, I had to practise and rehearse my presentation using the Presenter Coach tool from Microsoft. This is a great tool to hone your presentation pace and provides great feedback such as shown in the screenshot below. I will highly encourage you give this ago

Rehearse your slide show with Presenter Coach

The actual session recording was done using the Microsoft PowerPoint recording tool. I found this tool very versatile as I could record each slide at time, watch it back and re-do it without having to start the entire recording all-over again. Below is the screenshot on how to access this tool:

Microsoft PowerPoint Record Presentation

My session also include a demo, which I recorded using an open-source the Screen Recording tool OBS Studio. I have used various screen recording tools before, but I prefer OBS due to versatility it has in terms of actual recording experience and editing afterwards.

Viewing on-demand sessions

Please remember to register so you have un-limited access to all on-demand sessions. Follow this session link to access my presentation titled “Use Sitecore Host plugin architecture to transition on-prem Active Directory workloads onto Azure”

The screenshot below shows the agenda at glance Please remember to select your region so that you get the localised time so you don’t miss your favourite sessions

Agenda at a glance

I am looking forward to seeing you all at the Symposium!

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