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Global SUGCON 2021 on June 5, 2021

Tuesday 18th May 2021

I will be speaking during the Global Virtual #SUGCON 2021. Please checkout agenda that is now published! Have look and don’t forget to register

Zero down time deployments for both XM and XP scaled scenarios

This is the title for my session

It may seem that zero down time deployments should be common practise today, but there are clients out there still struggling with this issue. In fact, you will be surprised there are people still having “code or content freeze” during deployments. This session will be a nice wake up call to anyone out there still struggling with deployments or having “code” or “content” freezes – which should be a thing of the past. Hope to share a reference architecture to help with this.

See you then!

I am now a Sitecore MVP!

Thursday 28th Jan 2021

I have some great news to share with you today. I am a Sitecore MVP for the first time!

It is rare you receive one of those emails at the start of your working day that just lights up your day!

On Wednesday 27th Jan 2021, I received such an email from Sitecore that read in part:

We want to congratulate you on becoming one of the Sitecore Most Valuable Professional Technology Award winners, a select group among the Sitecore community in 2021!

You have been awarded based on your involvement in the community, online and offline

The MVP award recognizes individuals for their community contributions

I am very delighted to have been awarded Sitecore MVP 2021 Technology. This is an elite distinction that truly recognizes the most active professionals in the Sitecore community with a proven passion for sharing knowledge.

This is the official announcement from Sitecore

My story

My story starts with extensive experience with Microsoft.NET, ASP.NET, C# that I bring into Sitecore community. Having been an MCSD since 2008, I have passion for technology and been contributing to online communities such as I believe I have built myself a robust social profile with strong reputation amongst our Sitecore community.

I look forward to being true voice of the community through my passion in Sitecore, my social engagements via Sitecore Slack, Sitecore StackExchange, GitHub among other offline channels such as Sitecore User Groups and Sitecore Symposium. End